Self Care Summer Tips

May 09, 2020 5:50 PM | Anonymous

Summer Self Care Tips By Laura Ressor

From being specific about self-compassion to giving yourself grace, from limiting your exposure of news to walking barefoot on the grass (try it!), Laura shares her best approaches for taking care of yourself in these difficult times.


Use your time at home to do something kind for yourself! Maybe that is pickingup an instrument that you put down years ago or finishing a painting you've been putting off. Maybe you can express kindness to yourself by talking to someone who helps calm you down. Self-compassion is important. But know that all of the feelings you are feeling are totally normal. We are all feeling some way about the current state of things.

Give yourself some grace
Remind yourself that it is ok to feel _______ (insert feeling in the blank). Allow yourself a set amount of time to feel _______ and then get back to being productive. Example: "Self, I am going to give you 10 minutes to worry and feel anxious. After that 10 minutes I'm going to read some of my book."

Limit your intake of news
The news is terrifying because the world is a scary place right now. If you are particularly sensitive to the media, be mindful of how much you take in. You can also set a limit on this as well. 

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