October News

November 01, 2019 6:59 PM | Anonymous

Dear Tennessee Counselors,

Fall is in the air! I hope each of you are finding the time to take care of yourselves. School has picked up, schedules changes have left us feeling dizzy, and the referrals just keep coming in.

Stop and take time some self-care. This year I’ve been teaching my students about the benefits of mindfulness. I encourage each of you to try it out as well.

Venture outside into the crisp fall air and try this simple mindfulness activity:

  • ·      Find 5 different leaves
  • ·      Listen for 5 different sounds
  • ·      Look for 5 different fall colors
  • ·      Use your sense of smell to detect 5 different scents
  • ·      Find 5 different textures (rough twigs, soft flower petals, etc.)

I hope each of you have a wonderful and relaxing Fall Break,

Laura Filtness

TSCA Board Chair

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