As one of its core missions, TSCA provides Legislative advocacy for Tennessee School Counselors. 

Frequently Asked Questions and Resources

Q: Can we refer to outside agencies?

A: Yes. Teachers, Principals and School Personnel – As enacted, authorizes a school counselor to refer or help facilitate a referral of a parent or legal guardian’s student to a counselor or therapist for mental health assessments or services. – Amends TCA Title 4; Title 49 and Title 63. Read more about SB 0341 here. 

Q: What are the guidelines regarding restraint of students?

A: You can read more restraint and isolation here.

Q: Do school counselors have privileged communication with students?

A: Currently in the state of Tennessee, privileged communication is provided between client and social worker, licensed professional counselor, psychologist, clergy, marriage and family therapist, and psychiatrist. There is no mention specifically of school counselors in the law. Very few states honor privileged communication between student and school counselor.  Learn more here:

Q: How long can school counselors work with students?

A: The American School Counselor Association's Ethical Standards (click here) state in Section A.1.b. and Section A.7.a. that school counselors provide services in a brief context. We do not provide therapy so short term, solution-focused counseling is best practice. Some counselors may have particular cases/situations where they see a student for longer periods of time as we may be the only support they are receiving. It is important that we help these families connect with other organizations and counseling resources for long term care.

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